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GoldVisionPro - Taskbar in GoldMine

GoldVisionPro is a full-featured Enterprise Content Management system designed to work with GoldMine as its back-end database. GoldMine is a popular Contact Relationship Management (CRM) application that can handle a small office or a major corporation.

Maximize your time, relationships and opportunities with the award-winning GoldMine product suite of solutions. Out of the box, the GoldMine system helps you increase productivity, streamline sales and marketing automation, and win and retain customers by giving you the information you need to build relationships.

The current version of GoldVisionPro is compatible with all current versions of GoldMine. These include:

The GoldVisionPro licensing is dependant on the licensing of GoldMine. The total seat count must at least match the current GoldMine seat count. It can be a larger seat count than the GoldMine seat count.

GoldVisionPro will also work with iGoldMine Plus, to allow a webified view of corporate data for users on the road or in remote locations. All of the normal application functions are available using iGoldMine Plus, including creation of new Linked Documents and searching for existing files.