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VPX - VisionPak-Xtended           Expansion of the VP+ Tool Set

Overview:   VisionPak-Xtended [VPX] is an expansion of the VisionPak-Plus [VP+] Tool Set features. [Activation of the VP+ Tool Set is a prerequisite.] This expansion adds Intelli-Processing of a variety of items, enabling Administrators to automate, or semi-automate, numerous user activities and data access.



Intelli-Processing provides users with instant access to defined GoldMine data; auto-incorporation of search data in paths, filenames, and drop-down lists; and mass update or analysis of existing files and records. It also allows Administrators unprecedented control over the file-linking process.


KEY FEATURES - V_SRCH Intelli-Processing


KEY FEATURES - Intelli-Processing When Storing Files

KEY FEATURES - Intelli-Processing After Storing Files