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ITW - Intelli-Tracking Workflows            Managing Missing Documents

Overview:   The Intelli-Tracking Workflows [ITW] Tool Set provides Administrators with the ability to define document processing, track outstanding items, and manage multi-step workflow requirements in an automated system. This Tool Set provides the ability to create an unlimited number of Concurrent or Sequential workflows, and have instantaneous access to their current status. With this tool set, GoldVisionPro moves beyond just managing existing documents, to let you actively manage the documents you don't have!

Common Uses:

Concurrent Workflows:   A Concurrent Workflow is one where all the defined workflow items are created at the same time [concurrently]. Each is completed independently. [e.g., outstanding mortgage application documents.]

Sequential Workflows:   A Sequential Workflow is one where a starting-point workflow item is created initially. Then when that item is completed, GoldVisionPro automatically creates the next item in the defined workflow [sequentially]. This is typically used where items are dependent on particular outcomes, and incorporates the ability to branch to different sequences based on different results at each step. [e.g., application/account underwriting, approvals and setup. Ongoing project management.]

Design and Implementation:   Administrators create workflows using basic text files as defined lists of items to be included. Results/codes can be defined, and in Sequential workflows, used to redirect next steps to alternate workflow processes. Users can implement a workflow by simply selecting its name from a list of available workflows. Criteria such as timeframes, or due dates can be pre-defined or adjusted on implementation.

Third-Party Tracking:   Related third-parties can be added, to allow dual-tracking of an item required for one Contact, but provided by another entity [e.g., a credit report on a customer Contact, provided by a Credit Reporting Agency Contact]. Receipt of the outstanding item completes the item for both Contacts. This allows tracking of incomplete items on both a customer and a provider basis.

One-Click Instant Reporting:   Pending and/or Completed Items can be viewed with a click, from the View Tracking Items menu. Views can be for the Active Contact, a group of specifically Selected Contacts, or all Contacts. Users can easily refine the view by:

to quickly identify urgent, expiring or overdue items. Report results can be saved as files and/or copied for insertion in other destinations, such as spreadsheets, e-mails and other documents.