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Intelli-Lists Console            Most-Recent & Favorites

Overview:  Included as part of GoldVisionPro's basic feature set, the Intelli-Lists Console is a convenient, productivity-enhancing feature that transparently tracks a user's activity, and then enables quickly finding the most needed files, even:

Even when all you know is "I just stored that file two days ago!", or perhaps, "I had that file open last week", the Intelli-Lists Console gets the file you want, even when you don't "know" the file you want.

It's your own personal automatic tracking system!

Most-Recent Activity:  The Intelli-Lists Console tracks user activity in a number of areas, allowing immediate, one-click access to the item[s] from the Console window.

Files Stored & Files Launched
Some applications provide a short, limited list of the last few files opened in that application. As GoldVisionPro is file-type-independent, it keeps track of any file that is Stored through GoldVisionPro, and any file that is Launched [opened] through GoldVisionPro.

Records Searched & Files Searched
As a broadening of the Recent File activity, GoldVisionPro also tracks the criteria used to find Contacts [Record Searches] that for the file storage process. Likewise, the criteria that was used to find the file link[s] that was Launched is also automatically captured.

Favorite Activity: 

Favorite Files, Favorite File Searches, Favorite Record Searches
In addition to monitoring user activity to enable finding items based on timeframe [Recent], the Intelli-Lists Console enables users to identify items that are often needed, and designate them as "Favorites". [This is similar to Internet Browsers that allow users to "Add To Favorites" or "Bookmark" a website for convenient return.]

Retrieve & Open:  Users may a select single or multiple items for simultaneous retrieval and display within GoldVisionPro. Alternately, right-clicking the selected item[s] in the active Intelli-Lists Console list will automatically retrieve and launch the items in their appropriate application[s].

Individually Configurable:  The Intelli-Lists Console items and settings are individually configurable for each user, and for each item, to fit user needs and preferences.