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File Activity Tab Features

Information:   Allows quick, real-time access to the Documentís Title and Notes, and Allows ON-THE-FLY Auto Summarization.

View History:   List the Document Managed usage Information.  Find out which user, on what computer, and what change occurred.  History can be used to find out what an important file used to be called or used to have in notes by effective use of reporting.  History written in GoldVisionPro can be used to trigger Automated Processes for further activity.

The following document example is used for the History Screenshots shown below:

Valet:   Used to Relocate and Rename Files, or Modify the File Link Dates (from the File Created or Modified dates). 

VisionPak:   Used to allow Multiple File Drag and Drop functionality. 

Wizard:   Helps you to Create Duplicate Links to new Contacts, as well as Delete Link Information.